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Sciton Contour / Halo

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Sciton Contour / Halo

The Halo from Sciton is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser delivering ablative results with non-ablative downtime and an unprecedented ability to customize treatments. Unlike other laser treatments, Halo allows our providers to control both the level of ablation (how deeply the laser treats the skin) and fractionation (the proximity of treated cells). Halo precisely targets years of damage to your skin, including: Discoloration, Sun damage, Visible signs of aging, Uneven skin tone, Enlarged pores, Poor texture, Fine lines, Scar revision. This treatment can be done on virtually any area of the body. Halo is also designed to target specific areas of concern like around the eyes or mouth as well as full face, neck or chest. Consult with one of our trained professionals today to see if the Halo is right for you.

Halo laser jupiter

Dr. Flanagan loves her yearly Halos.