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MOHS Surgery

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MOHS Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a method of excising skin cancers in layers. With the layers, the entire edge and undersurface is examined under a microscope for the incidence of cancer cells. In areas where further cancer is noted, additional layers of the skin are removed until a level free of tumor is reached. The extent and depth of the tumor determine the number of layers of surgery necessary to remove the cancer. Most tumors are removed in 1-3 surgical stages. The cure rate with Mohs is 97%-99% with good preservation of normal skin and minimal scarring; particularly when dealing with cancers on the face. It offers the highest potential for a cure for skin cancer while minimizing the cosmetic impact.

Mohs surgery is recommended for the following:
  • Skin cancers of the head & neck where preservation of normal skin is important.
  • When a skin cancer returns after a prior treatment.
  • When the cancer is large
  • When the cancer is considered to be more aggressive on the biopsy

View the MOHs Surgery Information Pamphlet.