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Pamper Your Dry Winter Skin

winter skin care dermatologist jupiter

Pamper Your Dry Winter Skin

While we here in South Florida don’t have to cope with below-zero wind chills, winter does bring cooler temperatures that can affect the appearance of your skin. The combination of dry indoor air and less outdoor humidity this time of year can result in dull, tight, grayish-looking skin. So your board-certified dermatologists at Genesis Dermatology in Jupiter, Florida, would like to offer some tips on how to fight the effects of winter on your skin.

Here are a few ways to keep your skin looking bright all winter long.


Start by replacing the humidity the dry air pulls from your skin. Because you’re not overheating as you would in summer, you might forget to drink the eight glasses of water (eight ounces each) that helps hydrate from within. But water not only helps plump skin cells, it provides the fluid needed to help flush toxins from your body. And avoid diuretics like caffeine and alcohol, which pulls moisture from your cells. Also, using a humidifier—at least overnight in your bedroom, if not all day throughout the house—will help the counteract the dry indoor air.

Skip hot water

At the same time, other types of exposure to water can be drying. Long, hot showers and hot baths can strip your skin of the surface oils it needs to retain moisture. Instead, try warm water with baking soda or oatmeal products, and reduce the amount of time you spend bathing and showering to less than 10 minutes. In addition, this is the time to drop harsh cleansing routines that can be too rough on winter-dried skin. Look for gentle cleansers, like Cetaphil or Cerave, that won’t strip skin of its natural lipids. Blot your skin gently with a towel and apply moisturizer immediately after washing.

Watch your diet

It’s important to eat well year-round because as you know, what you eat shows up on your skin. But this time of year it’s especially important to provide your body with healthy fats that can help hydrate your skin from within. Add extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) to your diet, along with walnuts, avocados, beans, dark greens, and berries.

What to “wear”

Just because the sun has dipped further south doesn’t mean we don’t still get plenty of ultraviolet (UV) light here in South Florida over the winter. Be sure to keep using your SPF 30-or-higher sunscreen when you go outdoors, even on cloudy days. Unless your skin is naturally oily, your wintertime moisturizer should be oil-based vs. water-based, but look for the kinds of oils that won’t clog pores, such as almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, lanolin, hyaluronic acid, mineral oil, and petrolatum. Avoid skin-care products that contain alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA).

Talk to us

We have many ways to give your skin a quick path to a fresher, dewy glow. More important, we can analyze your skin type, review your current skin-care routine, and provide advice on the best type of skin care products for your unique requirements. We can also prescribe a prescription ointment or cream if you’re still experiencing discomfort or irritation.

For dry winter skin that resists all these measures, be sure to talk to us about the many state-of-the-art treatments we have available that can boost collagen production to help renew and rejuvenate your skin.

The Halo Laser, for example, is a hybrid fractional laser system that uses a combination of wavelengths to correct visible signs of sun damage or aging, as well as fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone or texture. It offers deep, long-lasting repair with less discomfort and without extended downtime for healing.

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) is a procedure that uses platelets extracted from your own blood to promote collagen production, thus helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, facial scarring, and sun damage.

Ultherapy is another non-invasive procedure that can lift and tighten brows, the neck, the area under the chin, as well as the chest and décolletage. It uses ultrasound technology to stimulate collagen production in the skin’s deep, inner layers.

And be sure to ask about our new PRO-NOX nitrous oxide delivery system, the safest nitrous oxide mixer available, designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed through all our cosmetic procedures.

These and many other avenues to brighter, fresher skin are available at Genesis Dermatology. Why not give us a call today?

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