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Nutrafol and Hairbiotic: Drug-Free Solutions for Thinning Hair

nutrafol jupiter

Nutrafol and Hairbiotic: Drug-Free Solutions for Thinning Hair

Our board-certified dermatologists at Genesis Dermatology in Jupiter are always excited to find products that are both effective and safe. That’s why we’d like to tell you about two supplements that offer a new approach for thinning hair.

There is probably no aspect of a person’s appearance that causes them more concern than their hair. We spend a great deal of time attempting to get it to look “just so.” That’s because your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, and is the single most defining feature of your overall appearance.

That’s why thinning hair can be so upsetting. Male or female, bald patches can have a negative effect on a person’s self-esteem.


Causes of thinning hair

There can be many reasons for hair loss. Among them are:

  • family history/genetics
  • hormonal changes (during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause)
  • medications (for cancer, high blood pressure, gout, arthritis, depression)
  • stress
  • dramatic weight loss
  • tight hairstyles (ponytails, buns, cornrows)
  • styling treatments (hot oil, coloring, permanents, straightening)
  • age
  • medical conditions (diabetes, lupus, thyroid imbalance, polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • nutritional deficiency


If you are experiencing noticeable loss of hair on the scalp, it’s important to see us to rule out treatable medical conditions. But if your thinning hair is attributable to androgenetic alopecia, a hereditary condition that affects approximately 30 million American women and men, fortunately, there is now something that can help.



Unlike hair-growth treatments that are applied topically, and often come with undesirable side effects, Nutrafol is a supplement that works from within, to naturally rebalance stress hormones, neutralize free radicals, and fight inflammation. It is a clinically proven supplement made for both men and women which is formulated with medical-grade, standardized, bio-optimized botanical ingredients, all meant to provide a healthy microbiome in the body to support hair growth.

It also differs from other products in that it contains more than the typical nutrients known to stimulate hair growth: biotin, collagen, and zinc. It also features such ingredients as saw palmetto and super-antioxidants like ashwaganda, tocotrienol, and organic Peruvian Maca Root.

Ashwaganda, for example, has been clinically shown to decrease the levels of the hair-damaging cortisol and C-reactive protein (CRP). Saw palmetto helps prevent testosterone conversion to DHT, a naturally occurring hormone in the body that can shrink hair follicles. Tocotrienol is a powerful form of super-vitamin E shown to support hair growth. Maca is shown to naturally tonify and promote adaption during hormonal changes attributed to menopause.

The Nutrafol supplement also contains many other botanicals that have been tested for efficacy against some of the main causes of hair thinning and loss.



Hairbiotic is a supportive supplement meant to support the nutrients provided in Nutrafol’s core formula. Nutrafol describes their newest product as “yogurt for your hair.” If your intestinal bacteria aren’t sufficient or balanced, you can take in all the nutrients in the world and they won’t do you any good.

Hairbiotic contains seven probiotic strains clinically demonstrated to promote the growth of the healthy gut bacteria that aids in improving nutrient retention, and allows you to retain and better absorb the ingredients in the Nutrafol core formula.

Probiotics such as Hairbiotic not only support the nutrients found in Nutrafol, they also address many of the causes of hair loss that we’ve listed above: improving thyroid function, boosting the overall immune system, and fighting the low-level inflammation that results in hair thinning and loss.


If you are distressed by hair thinning or loss or just want to maintain as you age,  be sure to consult with us for treatments you can pursue. We can help you determine whether the loss is normal, temporary, and treatable, or whether it signals an underlying medical condition that should be addressed.

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