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Announcing the Newest Solution for Urinary Incontinence


Announcing the Newest Solution for Urinary Incontinence

Our board-certified dermatologists are always on the lookout for the latest innovations in treatments. We look for those that are not only more effective but less costly for our patients.

One of the newest solutions for urinary incontinence combines both those advantages in a single, non-surgical, non-invasive, 30-minute treatment. When combined with our new Emsculpt NEO for contouring the abdominal muscles, we can now offer women a “core-to-floor” answer for female incontinence. And while addressing abdominal tightening. We offer a simple combined treatment that treats the entire pelvic floor and abdomen.

It couldn’t be simpler. If you can sit in a chair, you can benefit from the revolutionary new Emsella device. Join the 95 percent of those who’ve tried and seen results.

A common problem

Incontinence in many women is caused by vaginal delivery, menopause, and simple aging. The pelvic floor muscles begin to weaken and sag over time. This leads to an inability to sufficiently employ those muscles to control the bladder.

There are two main types of incontinence:

With stress incontinence, there can be urine loss during such activities as coughing, laughing, jumping, or sneezing.

With urge incontinence, there is an occasional sudden need to urinate immediately. It’s frequently followed by a loss of urine before you can reach a bathroom. Urge incontinence is also known as overactive bladder,

Many women who suffer from incontinence experience both types.

How Emsella works

The E.M. in Emsella stands for electromagnetic, while “sella” is Greek for “chair.” It is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat urinary incontinence in men as well as women.

As with the Emsculpt NEO, the Emsella chair emits High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. This stimulates the supramaximal pelvic floor muscle. This produces thousands of contractions of the muscle in minutes.

These contractions serve to “re-educate” and tighten the muscles, thereby restoring the ability to control the bladder, and reducing that “gotta go” urge.


Most people see improvement after six sessions, performed twice a week, although some report noticeable improvement sooner.

As with all muscles, the pelvic muscles will begin to lose condition without sustained exercise. So this solution is not permanent. Depending on the initial severity of incontinence, results typically last for about a year.

Patients typically experience a tingling sensation and contractions of the pelvic floor muscle during treatment. A 30-minute session produces 11,200 contractions of these muscles, equivalent to performing 11,200 Kegel exercises.

You will remain fully clothed during the procedure. You may read or do whatever you like while the chair does all the work. Note: Due to the device’s electromagnetic pulse, you won’t be able to use any electronic devices. So please bring along a book or magazine to use during your session!

A core-to-floor solution

When combined with our new Emsculpt NEO treatment, The new Emsella device is the answer for women who have experienced abdominal separation along with incontinence, usually as a result of childbirth.

Emsculpt NEO strengthens, tightens, and tones the large muscle groups of the abdomen and buttocks. It also treats smaller body areas such as the thighs, calves, and upper arms.

The radio frequency provides gentle heat to the treated area, as it prepares the muscles for exposure to stress. This is similar to what a warm-up period offers prior to a workout, enhancing the HIFEM effect.

Then the magnetic pulse produced by HIFEM creates up to 24,000 involuntary muscle contractions. As with normal exercise, such extreme muscle stress increases the muscle fibers and cells, resulting in improved tone and strength. These rapid contractions also stimulate the fat cells in the area so they begin to break down.

Emsculpt NEO has also proven effective for treating diastasis recti, the muscle separation in the abdominal muscles that’s common after pregnancy. Although significant separation should be treated with the traditional tummy tuck, the Emsculpt NEO can help those with minor cases avoid surgery.

This means we can provide a full “mommy makeover” with our combination of the revolutionary Emsella and Emsculpt NEO devices. We can thereby save our patients from invasive surgery as well as the expense involved.

Are you ready to experience fewer trips to the bathroom, do away with the “adult” panties and liners, and feel more confident overall? Schedule a consultation with us today!